Mme Marie-Isabelle Lannou

Researcher – HDR CNRSCiTCoM
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Member of the Team PNAS “Natural Products, Analysis et Synthesis” Group “Synthesis and Methods”

Research :

- Lanthanides chemistry (Sm, Ce, La, Nd, Pr) M2 and PhD experience
- Total synthesis of structurally complex bioactive natural products and analogues targeting cancer (hemicalide, thapsigargin, salinosporamide A, discodermolide, sarcodictyins A and B), diabetes (FR225654) and central nervous system (vibsatin A and B)
- Development of synthetic methods in organometallic chemistry (Ni, Au, Rh, Ru, Ti, Ag) and mechanistic studies (Ni, Ag)

- New topic (2018) : green chemistry (Ni) in aqueous media

Selected Publications :