Mme Marlène Vayssières

Post-Doc CiTCoM
Tel :: Number

Informations biographiques

Research :

  • Production and purification of recombinant proteins in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems
  • Extraction, purification and analysis of nucleic acids
  • Biochemical charaterization of interactions between biomolecules (proteins / nucleic acids)
  • Functional assays to study enzymatic activity
  • Biophysical charaterization: spectrometry and fluorescence
  • Structural biology: cristallography, cryo-EM and SAXS

Publications :

  1. Bandje, K et al.(2016)Characterization of an A-kinase anchoring protein-like suggests an alternative way of PKA anchoring in Plasmodium falciparum. Malar J 15 :248.
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