Mme Magali Blaud

Lecturer University Paris CitéCiTCoM
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Biographical Info

Research :

  • Production and purification of recombinant proteins in the prokaryotic system
  • Extraction, purification and analysis of nucleic acids
  • Characterization of interactions between biomolecules (proteins / nucleic acids)
  • Functional studies of enzymatic activities
  • Biophysical characterization: spectrometry, fluorescence and circular dichroism
  • Structural study: crystallography, cryo-ME and SAXS


  • Deputy director of the teaching department “Chemistry and physico-chemistry of drugs”
  • Head of the “Structural Biology” educational unit
  • Head of the “Research Biology” specialization of the POP I&R of the Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Responsible for supervising internships for the Pharmasciences course
  • Elected member of the management board of the Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Ambassador in education at the FEBS “Federation of European Biochemical Soieties”
  • Member elected to the board of directors and head of the GTE “Working Group on Education” of the SFBBM “French Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology”
  • Responsible for the SAXS BAG for the SOLEIL synchrotron (proposal 2017 then 2019)NMR spectroscopy of…

Publications :

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