M Mohammed Chiadmi

Senior Lecturer University Paris CitéCiTCoM
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Research :

• Protein/RNA structural biology

• Protein-Protein and Protein-RNA complexes

• Proteins involved in ribosome biogenesis pathway

Selected Publications

1. Gabison L, Chopard C, Colloc’h N, Peyrot F, Castro B, El Hajji M, Altarsha M, Monard G, Chiadmi M, Prangé T. X-ray, ESR, and quantum mechanics studies unravel a spin well in the cofactor-less urate oxidase. Proteins. 2011;79(6):1964-76.

2. Gabison L, Prangé T, Colloc’h N, El Hajji M, Castro B, Chiadmi M. Structural analysis of urate oxidase in complex with its natural substrate inhibited by cyanide: mechanistic implications. BMC Struct. Biol. 2008;8:32.

3. Gabison L, Chiadmi M, Colloc’h N, Castro B, El Hajji M, Prangé T. Recapture of S-allantoin, the product of the two-step degradation of uric acid, by urate oxidase. FEBS Lett. 2006;580(8):2087-91.

4. Chiadmi M, Navaza A, Miginiac-Maslow M, Jacquot JP, Cherfils J. Redox signalling in the chloroplast: structure of oxidized pea fructose-1,6-bisphosphate phosphatase. EMBO J. 1999;18(23):6809-15.

5. Chiadmi M, Kahn R, de la Fortelle E, Fourme R. Derivation by statistical methods of phase information from multiple-wavelength anomalous diffraction data. Basic questions, « best » electron-density map, implementation and tests. Acta Crystallogr. D Biol. Crystallogr. 1993;49(Pt 6):522-9.