M Patrick Deschamps

Associate Professor University Paris CitéCiTCoM
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Research :

Structural and functionnal studies of

– Small molecule complexes

– Protein-inhibitor complexes

– Proteins involved in ribosome biogenesis pathway

Selected Publications

1. Hydroxamic Acids as Potent Inhibitors of Fe(II) and Mn(II) E. coli Methionine Aminopeptidase: Biological Activities and X-ray Structures of Oxazole Hydroxamate/EcMetAP-Mn Complexes. Huguet F., Melet A., Alves de Sousa R., Lieutaud A., Chevalier J., Maigre L., Deschamps P., Tomas A., Leulliot N., Pages JM., Artaud I. ChemMedChem. 2012 Jun ;7(6):1020-30.

2. An alternate Route to disulfanido complexes by nucleophilic attack of thiolates on ruthenium-bound thiosulfonato ligands. Galardon E., Deschamps P., Tomas, A., Roussel P., Artaud I. Inorg. Chem., 2010, 49(20),9101-9103

3. Characterization and Copper Binding Properties of Human COMMD1 (MURR1). Narindrasorasak S, Kulkarni PP, Deschamps P, She YM, Sarkar B. Biochemistry, 2007, 46, 3116-3128

4. The saga of copper-histidine. Deschamps P, Kulkarni, PP, Gautam-Basak M, Sarkar B. Coord. Chem. Rev. 2005, 249, 895-909.

5. Mathematical modelling in metal metabolism: Overview and Perspectives. Curis E., Nicolis I., Bensaci J., Deschamps P., Bénazeth S. Biochimie, 2009, 91(10), 1238-54