M Jean-François Gaucher

Lecturer University Paris CitéCiTCoM
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Research :

  • Disciplines:
    • Structural Biology & Biophysics
  • Tools:
    • Structural Biology: Biocrystallography, SAXS, circular dichroism, molecular modeling
    • Biochemistry: molecular biology, prokaryotic expression of proteins, renaturation of insoluble proteins, solubilization of membrane proteins (detergents- SMALPS), biochemical technics of purification and analysis.
    • Biophysics: ITC, electrophysiology, fluorescence
  • Research topics:
    • • Development of peptide molecules targeting VEGFs and their receptors for therapeutic or analytical purposes
    • Development of biochemical analysis tools for the study of the MacAB-TolC tripartite pump

Collaborations :

– Dr. Sylvain Broussy, CitCom (CNRS – UMR 8038), Université de Paris

– Pr. Ulrich Zachariae, Computational Biology, College of Life sciences, University of Dundee (UK)

– Dr. Samantha Pitt, School of Medecine, University of St . Andrews (UK)

Publications :