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Séminaire du CiTCoM : Lina ALFERKH

février 11 @ 12 h 45 min - 13 h 45 min CET

Séminaire du CiTCoM : Lina ALFERKH

Jeudi 11 février 2021 – 12h45 – salle Parmentier (Polyvalente)


Virus can infect the host cell and control its translational machinery1. As part of my thesis, I am especially interested in virus whose mRNAs have the particularity of binding directly to the ribosome.

Experimental work in our laboratory has revealed RNAs that specifically bind the ribosome at the 5’ UTR ends of some viruses2,3,4. Because of their flexibility and their large size, their structure remain hard to determine through high resolution experiments, such as NMR and X-Ray crystallography.

It is however possible to obtain SAXS data for large systems in solution that can hint to the tertiary structure of the molecule. In addition to that, biochemical reactivity of SHAPE reagent provides informations on its secondary structure.

The aim of my work is to develop integrative simulation method to couple experimental data (mentioned above) with molecular modeling,
allowing the construction of an entire model
of these RNAs, similarly to what is done for

proteins5. We adopt coarse-grained representation of the system with 6-7 beads per nucleotide that allows to study the dynamics of large molecules and for long time scales6. The method is benchmarked on HCV IRES.


Date :
février 11
Heure :
12 h 45 min - 13 h 45 min CET
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Paris Faculté de Pharmacie
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Paris, 75006 France
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